In case of difficulty at sea, apply the rule of 3 At

1) A like ALERT
• Call neighboring boats by waving arms up and down or a white cloth.
• Use pyrotechnic means.
• Call the CROSS : On VHF CHANNEL 16, or on the phone 196
• Then give the name and type of your boat, in position, the reason for your call, the number of people on board.

2) A like WAITING
Rescue other than neighboring boats, average 1 time to arrive on site.
• Life jackets for all passengers.
• Prepare for evacuation, winching or towing by clearing the foredeck.
• If there is an injury, package it for transfer.

When help arrives on the scene, do anything to be seen :
• Signals, gestures, pyrotechnic means, projector, VHF.

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