LEUCATE-PORT : the application for yachtsmen of the Port of Leucate

The port of Leucate provides its boaters with a free application on SMARTPHONE.

This application accompanies the yachtsman at each stage of his stay in the port.

You have a solution that offers the following features :

  • Weather report
    View the weather live on the port
  • Webcams
    Access the images from the cameras of the port but also of the town
  • Practical information and emergency numbers
    Consult the timetables of the harbor master's office but also call the emergency numbers.
  • Declaration of absence
    Give the harbor master your cruise departure and return dates.
  • Security module
    Declare urgent or non-urgent incidents to the harbor master's office :
    – Feu
    – Waterway
    – Breaking in
    – Pollution
    – Miscellaneous issues : electric ; leaks ; sanitary ; lighting or other
    You will thus have a follow-up of your declarations (taken into account ; fence)

Available for free at Android or IOS under the name of Leucate-Port

Download the manual in pdf format here