Why SMART-BORNES at the Port of Leucate ?

We have chosen to equip basin C with smart-terminals, as well as the pontoons of the other basins as they are replaced.

These smart terminals have been developed specifically, to ensure boat safety and avoid wasting electricity.

In effect, boat fires, for most of the time, for origin either :

  • Battery charger failures resulting in runaway battery charging leading to significant releases of oxygen and hydrogen. This gaseous mixture is explosive and the slightest spark due to an opening of an electrical circuit is enough to ignite it.,
  • Overheating electric heaters, when boaters use space heaters with ventilated ceramic resistance. A simple fan failure can lead to overheating and the start of a fire.

It should be noted that the different circuit breakers, both thermal and differential, which normally equip the boats are unable to detect these defects from where a significant number of boats destroyed by fires in the ports in winter when boaters leave under tension their boat without surveillance. It is difficult for port officials to systematically disconnect all powered boats in winter because boaters may be present without informing the harbor master's office..

Smart-terminals are a response to this risk since they automatically cut off the electricity when you have not made your presence known for 28 hours.. To do this, the smart terminals are equipped with an RFID badge reader. You only need to badge once a day so that the power supply does not drop. When you leave, you can leave the boat plugged in and cut off its power supply by double clocking in less than 5s.

These smart-terminals avoid the significant waste generated in winter and spring by boats heated unnecessarily in the absence of boaters.

The consumption curve for a basin in Leucate below shows that in the absence of such devices, consumption in winter can be 2,5 times greater than the summer months when the vast majority of boats are unoccupied !

For your safety : the rules to follow

For obvious reasons of safety and resistance to humid environments, it is imperative that you do not use an adapter or extension cord..

Similarly, the cable must not only be in good condition but also comply with the electrical standards imposed by use in the public domain.. If your boat is fitted with a cable with a cross-section smaller than 2,5 mm2, it is essential to replace it with a cable of at least 2.5mm2 for 16A sockets and 6mm2 for 32A sockets.

Cables suitable for this use are available from ship chandlers in Leucate and are flexible enough to allow easy storage.. "Garden extension" type cables are strictly prohibited because they do not comply with standards for use in the public port area..

ATTENTION : The harbor master's office reserves the right to disconnect any boat whose connection does not comply or which uses an adapter and in the event of an accident your responsibility would be engaged..

PS : if your boat requires more horsepower than 3,6 kW or needs 2 lines because it is equipped, for example, with air conditioning, you can register on the waiting list for Pool C, which offers PREMIUM quality equipment and services, including 2 taken from 32 A by boat. Ask the harbor master's office about the pricing conditions.

Tuto (Coming soon)


We have taken advantage of the intelligence of these smart terminals to create new eServices :

  • In effect, instead of finding a low temperature boat in winter, boaters can power them up before they arrive by activating a warm-up sequence.
  • Likewise, yachtsmen living far from Leucate and forced to abandon their boat for long winter months with the consequences that this can have on the life of their battery bank can launch a battery maintenance sequence consisting of putting them under voltage of 1 hour every 2 weeks which is more than enough to properly maintain the batteries.
  • In July and August if you wish to leave your boat powered up exceptionally for a few days between 2 weekend for example, you can activate the Forced MODE.

These unattended power-ups are incapable of generating fires due to their short durations


In winter, to preheat your boat, you can activate a sequence of 4 hours before arriving at your boat. To do this, you just need to leave your boat plugged in with the heating ON..

This sequence can only be activated once remotely and a badge on site is essential to be able to reactivate it before your next stay..


During your long absences, you can remotely activate a battery maintenance sequence consisting of a 1-hour power-up every 2 weeks.

To do this, you just need to leave your boat plugged in with the charger ON..

eService Forced MODE (*)

In July and August, this mode allows you to leave your boat powered up during your absences of more than 24 hours. For security issues, the maximum power-on time is limited to 7 days.

Each day under tension is deducted from your Energy pack.

Additional ENERGY PACK

Your annual subscription entitles you to an energy supply of 120 days.

If you have given authorization for direct debit from the Harbor Master's office, additional packs can be ordered.

Packs are only valid until 31 December even if they have not been used entirely.

A day is counted when the boat has been powered up between midnight and midnight.

Several badges on the day only count for one day.

Attention : Each battery maintenance charge of the BATTERY MAINTENANCE eService counts as one day.

Two packs are available : 30 days (115 €) et 246 days (687 €).
Pour commander un PACK, Click on the button.
Placing an order implies the acceptance of the invoicing corresponding by direct debit from your bank account. If you have not yet signed this direct debit authorization, contact the Harbor Master's Office.

(*) Smart-terminals Bassin C : FREE eService

(*) Smart-terminals Basins A and B : currently FREE, PAID soon as part of an eServices flat rate PACK

NB : These features will be available from your PC or SMART-PHONE. In the meantime, they can be activated by the GREEN BUTTONS above which send an email in which you will specify the service requested.